Pikilia Catering

Pikilia was born in the beautiful land of Venezuela, behind the initiative and imagination of Alejandra (Aka: My sister)...who even though went to school for something completly non related, decided to simply follow her culinary passion.

This is her Blog: http://pikiliacatering.blogspot.com/

And here some examples of her delicious food:

Everyday Motto

It is my daily goal....
it should be yours too.....

No monkey business ;)

I absolutely love this song and the video is so funny and cute.
It has become my house anthem at the moment and Gianna (my daughter) sings it every time she has a chance...
so cute!! =)

Aaron Nace

I want all of you to know about Aaron Nace, he is a talented photographer from North Carolina.
And as you all may know Photography and Photoshop are two of my favorite things in the world, that it's why when i first saw the work of this amazingly talented Photographer i fell in love right away with what he does.
His imagination is just plain genius, and his photo manipulation abilities are out of this world.

Here is a little sample of his great work:
(Click on the picture to expand)

This is only a little teaser, if you want to check out the outstanding portfolio of Aaron Nace then click "Here"